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In France & abroad. Knowledgeable or novice collectors /enthusiasts



You wish to purchase a motorcar ?
Be accompanied in each phase of your acquisition:

- from the careful choice of the model most adapted to your needs/knowledge
- to the guided search and the determination of the market price
-to the inspection
-to the vehicle’s authentication and documents verification (import-export)
- to the conclusion of the acquisition etc …



You wish to sell your vehicle?
Be advised in each of these consecutive sale phases:

- from the refocusing of your collection
- to determining the sale price
- to the creation of the vehicle’s dossier to present it in the best light
- to the selection of the best venue/medium via which to market it
- to the conclusion of the transaction etc ...



You own one or several vehicles?
Be advised all along the enjoyment period of your vehicle:

- from its/their protection
- to the regular maintenance and or search for spare parts or service providers
- to the use of the vehicle by yourself or within a group of enthusiasts
- to the follow up of repairs or the restoration of the vehicle
- to help with the management of a collection of several cars etc ...



You simply wish to:

- be informed, kept abreast of the market
-sign up for or participate in an event (rallys, concours etc...)
- arrange the valuation, expertise or assessment of your vehicle by way of a complete dossier
- to have one of our expert classic car guides at your disposal for the guided visit of a museum or event
 - participate in our “Discovery and Improvement days”  (lien vers rubrique "Formations ")
- become a member of the VIP club of great French and foreign marques
-benefit from a presentation on a topic linked with classic cars ? etc...

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